Flashes, CHDK and Canon Powershot SX40 HS

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Re: Flashes, CHDK and Canon Powershot SX40 HS

PhilM oz wrote:

gt13013 wrote:

Since the internal flash of the SX40 does not behave the same way, perhaps a Canon compatible flash would behave as the internal flash, and in that case I will buy it.

Both the 580EX and 90EX work correctly (same as internal flash).
I suspect any Canon flash that supports ETTL will work the way you want.

With the latest version of CHDK you can also enable ETTL flash mode when the camera is set to M mode. The Canon menu only allows manual flash power setting; but CHDK can override this to allow the flash power to be calculated during the shot.


Thanks for the information. With this new information in mind, I reconsidered the problem and I have found a solution.

1) Probably one solution would be to get a recent Canon Compatible flash. I will perhaps do it when the editgrid tablewill receive some data

2) Staying with my old flashes, I realized that there is an option in the motion detection script that I use (the script is MDFB-080914-VideoButtonModels.bas ). This option allows to suppress the halfway shutter button pressing during the motion detection. With that option, the LCD display stays clear, and the motion detection works.

Regards. Gerard

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