D600 color processing: NX vs. LR

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Eamon Hickey
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there's a set of free LR presets: Filmbot
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stevo23 wrote:

TITCHY wrote:

i am currently using filmpack (DxO) standalone.

its available as both .

I haven't gone into the standalone. I'll check it out. I would still love to have a set of in-Lightroom presets for this kind of thing. It ends up being nice to have as a starting point even if I don't use it exactly.

As others said, I think, the VSCO film simulations are indeed Lightroom presets -- i.e. they work like all other LR parametric adjustments and don't require a rendered TIFF or JPEG as a base image, as do the plugins like DxO film pack and others (NIK, Topaz, et. al.). You can, for instance, create several virtual copies of a given raw image with different film simulations in literally seconds using VSCO. But the VSCO presets are fairly expensive -- they may be worth it to many people, of course, and that's fine.

There is, however, a set of free film simulation presets for Lightroom, called "Filmbot" presets. The creator uses the DxO film pack simulations as his target to try to emulate. I did some comparisons with DxO film pack simulations (done in DxO Optics Pro), and I think he does a reasonable job getting a similar look, within the broad limits of this kind of thing. Facebook page and download links here:



In theory, both the VSCO presets and the DxO film pack when used within DxO Optics Pro (but not when used as a plugin to LR or Photoshop) should be able to achieve more accurate film simulations than most other methods because they can control, wholly or partially, for the variable of the raw conversion (especially the tone curve and color matrixing applied during raw conversion).

The Filmbot presets don't control for that, but in my tests, I used the Adobe Standard profile with sliders zeroed out as my starting point, and then applied the presets, and, as I said, I thought the match to DxO film pack simulations was halfway decent. I tried it with raw files from several Canon and Nikon cameras. Definitely not an exhaustive test, so take my comments with a grain of salt, but they're free and free is nice.

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