Thom Hogan: "No reason to question m/43 as a viable system." Locked

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Mikhail Tal
Mikhail Tal Regular Member • Posts: 281
Thom Hogan: "No reason to question m/43 as a viable system."

HAHAHA SWEET VINDICATION IS AT HAND! The godfather of the digital camera blogosphere hath spoken, and he hath refuted Roger Cicala's outrageous claims that m4/3 might vanish. When I questioned Cicala's statement for the first time the haters came out in full force, chastizing me for daring to criticize someone so "well-respected" as Cicala, a guy who peddles cameras for a living.

Now the ultimate authority figure has spoken, a man whose words ring with a hundred times the credibility Cicala could ever dream of achieving, and Hogan couldn't be more clear: YOU all who questioned m4/3 are the ones who deserve ridicule. Hogan explained why finances don't matter, money doesn't matter, the only thing that matters is the ethos of Japanese companies making cameras, a truth as certain as the sun rising in the east. You can't tear down Oly and Panny no matter how hard you try, their camera divisions are as strong as ever and from here on out they are absolutely beyond question.

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