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Warning - Nikon REFUSES to replace equipment they cannot fix, even if under warranty part 2

Started Jul 21, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Sammy Yousef
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Re: Warning - Nikon REFUSES to replace equipment they cannot fix, even if under warranty part 2
In reply to BirgerH, Jul 22, 2013

BirgerH wrote:

I thought you should blame the vendor for letting Nikon repair it over and over without fixing it - instead of replacing it.

Remember - the repair is too the vendors responsability related to the customer- no matter who they want to do the repair - it could be the butcher down the corner, if the vendor likes.

Offering to repair is one way to honour the warranty. Sending to the manufacturer is a perfectly valid way to do so. In Australia the buck does stop with the retailer, but that doesn't mean that if the retailer sends to the manufacturer and the manufacturer fails to repair the camera, that the manufacturer has no responsibility.

I would be demanding my money back from the retailer and citing a lack of fitness for purpose here in Australia. Years ago that's exactly how I got my D70 replaced after 2 failed attempts and a refusal of Nikon's agent in Australia to look at the camera further.

You did blame Nikon for that - and it is not Nikons responsability (to replace). Nikon repairs - good or bad - the vendor do the replacing if it has to be done.

Having failed to repair the camera Nikon can offer to replace it. They do not have to do so. But if they fail to repair the camera it is between them and the retailer. That does not release the retailer from their obligation to the buyer.

I know, and just shown in what you written, that some vendors like to let people think, that manufactory-guarantees is taking over the vendors warranty, and would like customers to deal directly with the manufactorer. But doing so will complicate cases - just what it did to yours. And put the "blame" in the wrong direction. Very convenient to the vendor.

Nikon built a faulty camera, couldn't fix it after multiple attempts and gave the OP the run around. I have no problem with him sending blame their way.

To me - it is your vendor having customer hostillity (as some has called it in the other thread) by not replacing - and not Nikon.

BOTH retailer and manufacturer are behaving in a very customer hostile way here.

And I know - I've been in that buissiness - as vendor - not photography but office machines.

Then back to US - seems like over there it is the manufactorer having the responsability to a deal between a customer and a vendor. Strange to me - but if they like it that way - then ok.

Any time a customer needs to concern himself with such nuances both retailer and manufacturer have failed to deliver an experience that makes further custom from the buyer likely. Who's legally responsible may vary but in most places the customer has rights and there is a minimum set of legal obligations to the customer when a camera is sold to him that can't be waived by unwritten or internal policies.

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