Global climate continues to warm, humans still forcing it

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Re: Concerted action on human contributions to climate change
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Stop wasting time debating. Those who still argue against the need for concerted action, in 2013, against all of the accumulated evidence, whether they believe their own arguments or not, are the remaining hardcore who can't be won over. But thankfully they are now in the minority. Instead, apply your energy to political and social action through our democratic institutions and the ballot-box. But do it. Your grandchildren (and theirs) will thank you.

i am curious what you mean by "concerted action" ?

can you be more specific?

Reducing emissions of greenhouse gases. Plenty of supply-side and demand-side economic incentives are available to accomplish this, such as various tax and tax-credit policies and regulatory policies. The "concerted action" is to elect politicians who believe in passing and implementing laws that support these incentives.

i see - thank you for your answer, Chris

legislation appears to be the "concerted action" with the hope that it slows down old, dirty industry but with no guarantee it will work, globally

is old, dirty industry to be replaced by new, "green" industry ?

funny, while sounding like a reward, "incentives" is just penalties and taxes on businesses (something i am sure our fragile economy can easily absorb ... :()

these costs will get passed on to the consumer as higher prices, but maybe, that's the point, right ?

we should just stop consuming to discourage the continuance of old, dirty industry, yes ?

while sounding like a pandora's box, perhaps, this is why there is such scrutiny of these anthropogenic climate theories

incidentally, while our own Congress can't work together to balance a budget, how do we get a country like China to play along in this concerted action ?

i know i don't have the answers ...

So why not first put a good brick in place by looking for peer reviewed scientific evidence that AGW definitely is not taking place.

You have the wrong null hypothesis. What is needed is scientific proof that AGW is occurring, and you don't have it. You can point to all the "peer reviewed" literature that you want, none of it proves the existence of AGW. It merely ASSUMES that warming temperatures over a given period are explained by rising CO2 levels, because the so-called "scientists" in question "believe" their theory to be correct. It has not been proven to be so scientifically, or it would have been trumpeted the world over by now.

You have presented nothing here that has not been presented many times. I have read your post  as thoroughly as I feel necessary.

In my opinion, there is nothing in your post other than unsubstantiated gainsay and straw man argument.

I will continue to support AGW and you are obviously entitled to believe what you wish for as long as you wish. I believe you are wrong.

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