D800E vs. 5D3: Diminishing Returns or Reversal of Returns?

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Re: Scaling images with BiCubic
In reply to anotherMike, Jul 22, 2013

-Which neither was my intent with the post, what I wanted to say was: When you are so far below the potential detail rendition of either camera that stuff like sampling methods matter just as much as camera/lens/raw-converter, then you're so close that very few non-preconditioned (trained at the differences in each case) could ever hope to see a difference.

As I said, a very good test is to do blind comparisons. Unfortunately this is very hard to do when you're "on your own", since you'll always know which is which. And very few (if anyone!) can hold a fully unbiased view on anything. You almost always have some sort of bias or emotional response to stuff you "already know", that's just the way human psychology works.

But if someone else does the prep-work, and you just look at the results, then you give more honest answers to yourself. Can you see a difference? which is which? Is one "better" than the other?

In most cases, well focused images with similar lenses with similar capacity cameras at similar or equivalent settings should have very close to zero differences when viewed at 1800x1200px. Except maybe for color differences, and most of the time you can equalize that too - with good custom camera profiles.

In this case, 5Dmk3 vs D800, no real deep shadow detail, small presentation size, fairly basic development settings - same lens used on both... No way most people would see any difference as long as both images are given proper care. And I doubt I could say that one is "better" than the other.

At 12-15MP I still see a difference (I think). Above 16MP, the difference is fairly obvious when you have the images next to each other. Below 8MP, I couldn't be bothered to say which is which.

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