Warning - Nikon REFUSES to replace equipment they cannot fix, even if under warranty part 2

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In reply to cerberusjf, Jul 21, 2013

cerberusjf wrote:

Mako2011 wrote:

And now you have a new camera so hard to understand the need to keep the disscussion going. You would have even had it sooner had you not made a certain demand. To date, seems they made good on their warranty.

What demand did I make?

My mistake. The thread title made me think you where the original OP just continuing. Apologies for my lack of attention to detail. Big goober on my part. The thread title caused me to not understand the context correctly.

You also had an affect on the service your received. It would be unrealistic to assume you had zero effect on the outcome. That's simply the realities of dealing with humans.

My attitude towards Nikon began to deteriorate when they failed to fix the problem, promised to give me priority service the second time and had me send the camera in mid December, just before the workshop closed completely for the holidays. The "express service" didn't even acknowledge receipt for almost 3 weeks. Yes the people who work at Nikon are human beings - who don't fix cameras over and over again. How much patience to Nikon expect their customers to have? If they fail to deliver time and again, what sort of reaction do they expect to get? I went to a workshop where they had a sign "Do it once - do it right". If I had done something wrong once, I would make every effort to make sure I put it right. If it happened again, I would expect severe consequences. I don't see any attempt from Nikon that they want to do it right once, twice, maybe three times?? That, and the time it takes makes Nikon service totally unacceptable.

Nikon are the ones creating the problems by not fixing equipment promptly and having a cavalier attitude.

Yes, your experience could have been a better one. It's not really the norm. The norm is some place in between the two extremes, IMO. Lets hope all parties involved improve.

Excuse me?? Let's pin the blame squarely where it belongs - on Nikon.

No, your experience, and take on things, is unique in some respects. Just as we have positive one time fixed examples, they don't indicate that Nikon USA need not improve. The truth is far from the extremes.

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