D800E vs. 5D3: Diminishing Returns or Reversal of Returns?

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Rick Knepper
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Re: Why want to reduce to 1800x1200 as default
In reply to qianp2k, Jul 20, 2013

qianp2k wrote:

rondhamalam wrote:

My preference is to have full scale as DEFAULT.

From there you have the freedom to crop or reduce or even enlarge.

For prints I agreed. But most don't view photos on computer monitors on full-size unless when 4K/8K monitors getting cheaper and popular so full resolution can fit into monitor frame (not directly related to monitor's size but resolution) mostly or even entirely without having to move horizontal bars.

Here are my processed results in CS6 - everything default/zero setting but just upsampling 5DIII file to match to D800E full size.



Some side-by-side comparisons after upsampling 5D3 file to match to D800E full size.

Sure you can tell difference here or there by pixel-peeping at such D800 full size level. But the difference is pretty small, certainly not significant. 5D3 file suffers from pixelation a bit after upsampling. I don't believe you will notice much difference at 30x20" print or even 40x30" print. Personally I don't print more than 30" wide (very occasionally I print) while 99% of photos are viewed on my computer monitor. I usually downsize to 2000-pixel wide to view on my 24" monitor. Resolution difference certainly is not a big concern to me until I buy a good quality 4K/8K monitor when becomes affordable.

Amidst the rush to discredit me and this comparison, many of the folks in this thread failed to read or conveniently omitted my future plans for a larger editing monitor and a 4k display dedicated to presenting my images. The 1800x1200 file size will be a thing of the past for me but not for many who will continue to view their images on even smaller displays than I have who will have to decide on such matters as a D600 vs a D800 or whatever, not necessarily a Canon product.

In comparison DR is a bigger factor but from what I have seen, D800/D600 DR advantage is only obvious in pushing up a severely underexposed photo but not under normally no mention overexposed photo. I don't see much DR difference in Rick's samples. I guess many bought high-end DSLRs is not just for shooting landscape but for multiple purposes. Then 5D3 may have advantages in action photograph and seems has clear advantage in video ( personally have not used much in shooting video) especially with ML firmware RAW video and now dual-ISO RAW video. Many prefer Canon colors and skin tone although they are subjective and could be processed to be close. Canon has some lenses are better than anybody else such as 17mm and 24mm TS-E, 24-70L II, 70-200L II (slightly better), some primes (not really much sharper but unique look) such as 50L and 85L, super-tele lenses (sharper and much lighter but more expensive).

You cannot get wrong with either camera. Both are excellent cameras and have advantages in certain areas.

P.S. Thanks Rick for doing such wonderful well-controlled tests.

You are most welcome.

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