Why mirrorless over dslr?

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There are some things where mirrorless just can't and likely will never compete. If you NEED 200mm f2.8 with AF, you are never going to see that in mirrorless. Why would anyone make a lens that big for a small camera. Defeats the purpose of the whole camera system.

How about people that want one system that can take a big lens when needed but also make it very small for convenience. It is something a m43 system could do, but it is not somehting a FF DSLR will ever be able to do.

So I have one system that can be very big and can be comparetively very small versus a system that only can be even bigger on one side but never nearly as small on the other? How is the mirrorless flexibility its downside?

And comparetively, some lenses also dwarf the D4 for that matter. If you need it, it doesn't matter.

So here is somehting a FF DSLR can never do: become as small as a Olympus EPL5.

There is one thing the smaller formats cant do - grow sensors the size of FF cameras. So if you prefer the character, the look, the IQ, there is really no way around it than to get an FF camera. The size argument is relevant for many, but smaller and more affordable FF may be coming, not unlikely IMO.

SO how are we going to shrink the lens? Or do you think the FF cam will be nice for those who only use pancakes? I don't think so. The lenses will remain big and with current tecvh will never rival Nikon 1 or mFT lenses.

And don't get me wrong: I do fancy a FF like the D600 or something similar. But it is for some specia uses have in which its superiority shines an whereI'll use a tripod mostly (tornado chasing and aurora borealis).

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