D800E vs. 5D3: Diminishing Returns or Reversal of Returns?

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Jon Rty
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Re: D800E vs. 5D3: Diminishing Returns or Reversal of Returns?
In reply to Rick Knepper, Jul 20, 2013

Rick Knepper wrote:

You have failed to elaborate upon your assertion as requested. I'll have to advise readers to ignore what you are saying as complete rubbish until you do. if you are referring to "Curves" as those found in Photoshop, that is true for only one set of images I've posted in the entire two threads. Are you suggesting that the sensors themselves have a curve of their own?

Or, you could post your own side by side comp showing what you think the images should look like with completely neutral conversions. The RAWs are readily available. Please see the OP.

I've looked through thousands of images from the 5D2 and the D3x long before obtaining the 5D3 and D800E. The base contrast differences are strikingly similar. In fact, "washed out" was an insult thrown out by a Canonnite when describing the look of a Nikon image when I posted a DR comparison of the 5D2 and D3x on the Canon forum sometime back. This is what completely neutralized Canon and Nikon files look like side by side.

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You'll have to advice us? You have some funny ideas about what a OPs responsibilities in a thread are. It's not really your job to worry about how readers interpret what is written in a thread.

What do you mean by completely neutralized? The same settings for both, or using a hardware calibrated profile for both? Because if it's the former, then it does in no way mean that the differences are minimized, it only means that you're showing the differences between standard conversion profiles in full. And using the standard conversion profile between cameras does not result in minimal differences in the result between cameras, far from it. And if you tried to minimize the differences between the two cameras by eye, you didn't do that good a job of it.

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