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Re: Thieves in St. Petersburg stealing a camera lens from a tourist
In reply to Riki, Jul 20, 2013

Scumbags deserve nothing better than to be stripped naked, chained and secured in stocks and publicly flogged by anyone and everyone in the area who has ever had anything stolen.  But in today's "enlightened" and "politically correct" world, these scumbags have more rights than the hard working honest and innocent people they steal from.  If the lazy %^$#*@'s spent just half the effort in getting a basic and decent education that they spend perfecting their thieving technique they would be able to find meaningful employment.  Those of us who have swept factory floors and worked in fast-food stores and all manner of other low-end jobs during school and tertiary level education efforts to get a decent job and be able to pay for our nice cameras and lenses have less rights than the thieving scum, and now, reading replies here, seem to be at least partly to blame or at fault if you haven't also paid for insurance to protect your investment (in time several times over (ie getting educated to get the job to get the money) as well as the physical equipment).  What we need is politicians with the balls to make laws that say "if you steal you will pay for it".  Get caught = you will do hard time working on road gangs, or cleaning parks and other public areas etc.  You know what, that lens you stole is worth $2,000.  Your penalty is $2,000 PLUS payback of same to the victim. We pay $20/hr for hard labour work, $10/hr for "easier" work that benefits the community.  You can choose: 100 hours hard labour to pay your fine and another 100 hours hard labour to pay back the victim, or 200 + 200 hours for something "lighter" ... you can pick up rubbish in the parks and community places, or sweep the paths at the local hospital.  But no, poor little Johnny Scumbag has to be given a break because he had a hard and rough upbringing, he came from the wrong side of the track, the wrong end of town.  But those of you who have and do work hard should count yourselves privileged that you even had the lens in the first place that JS could steal.  What rights should you have?  Why should you expect anything more.  Go back home and work 50-60 hours for the next 6-12 months to make sure your own family are looked after, and have a decent education, and maybe after that you can buy yourself another nice new lens, or at best, pay even more money on your insurance because now you've made a claim.

Oh, and BTW, NONE of the thieves in that video looked like they were doing it very tough.  They all seemed pretty well fed, and pretty well dressed.  So at best I'd say they've over-done the stealing because its so quick and easy, and they basically KNOW they will get away with it because NOTHING will be done about it.  So, instead of having to do it to survive, its now become a lifestyle, and they are probably making way more money than the people they are stealing from

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