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Re: Thieves in St. Petersburg stealing a camera lens from a tourist
In reply to Tepacca, Jul 20, 2013

By looking at the "movie clip", it appears that there are no thieves and there is no tourist but actors in a video made from a well written script. Notice that the video camera is pretty close and ready before the 'actors' enter the video frame. The guy who removes the lens makes sure that you see the lens under the clipboard while being passed on to the person with a bag. A good recreation of a crime scene.

Of course, one has to be on guard no matter where one is.  Once I was robbed right in front my hotel by a group of two guys and two girls. They were talking and laughing and licking on ice cream cones while coming towards me. Well, one of them bumped into me and the ice cream was all over my clothes.  The kids were very nice and apologetic and they helped clean my shirt and jacket with paper napkins. They even offered to pay me for having my clothes cleaned professionally which I declined. After all it was just an accident!  Well, when I got to my room, I realized that my wallet containing cash and  credit cards was gone.

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