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BackInTheGame wrote:

ultimitsu wrote:

BackInTheGame wrote:

As photographic companies go, Nikon is far superior to Canon in so many ways that have nothing to do with lens and camera comparisons.

Can you explain this part? right now Nikon is slammed for having terrible customer service and very restrictive repair policies.

You just have to know the histories, and you have to consider how these two companies have progressed from year to year.

Can you explain what specifically in their respective history and progress indicate nikon is superior to canon?

What are their goals for the end user?

Can you explain how do theirs differ?

Canon's photography arm is a profit center within a very large company, and I believe this has shown through for decades.

Can you explain what does that have to do with your claim?

It isn't hard to see, unless you would rather not.

Absent of any analysis and explanation, it is actually very hard to see what relevance, and to what extend, these issues you just brought up has do with the assertion that nikon is a better company with canon. The only way you can see a connection or justification is if you want to see it.

ultimitsu wrote:

BackInTheGame wrote:

If I were in your position and wanted full frame right now, I think I would get the best deal I could get on a 5DII. It is a known quantity, and its sensor stands up well against the latest from Canon. Some users even claim it is superior.

No one claims 5D2 is better than 5D3 or 6D. 5D2 presents rather poor value in light of 6D.

Again, read your own forum.

I read these forums that is why I say there is no such claim from anyone who have used both 5D2 and 6D or 5D2 and 5D3.

I think the consensus, last time I checked, was that Canon did everything possible to cripple the 6D.

That is far from a consensus. The consensus is 6D is a good camera in its own right albeit it could have been better. the criticisims generally only evolve around the weak AF and overall low spec compared to D600, but 5D2 was equally criticised for its AF and except for 1/8000 it is beaten by 6D in almost all areas.

And on the surface, it appears they made a good job of it. I believe some of those guys in the Canon forum.

Who are these people that you say you believe? can you name a few and link to a few posts demonstrating that effect?

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