Why mirrorless over dslr?

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the silly need to take sides
In reply to PerL, Jul 15, 2013

PerL wrote:

You are pretty good at discussing with serious arguments, keep it at that level please and dont jump to conclusions about your fellow man to hastiliy.

I have tried and tested many mirrorless cameras, most of them for a period of at least two weeks, especially concentrating on performance in action shooting regarding EVF and AF-C behaviour.

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I think the problem with people feeling the need to take sides comes from some kind of insecurity. This DSLR vs MILC debate reminds me of the APS-C vs FF DSLR debates people had a few years ago. These debates were particularly heated when Nikon still didn't have FF, so many Nikonians were particularly desperate about arguing against FF and for APS-C. Insecurity over Nikon not having FF? Possibly. Such debates weren't as vigorous in the Canon camp because Canon offered both APS-C and FF. And as a Canon user, I found no need to take any sides because I was happily using both APS-C and FF DSLRs. I understood the merits and benefits of both. When you're using both, you don't find a need to be so defensive and to attack "the other side" because you're literally on both sides.

Now, we have this DSLR vs MILC debate, once again with people taking sides. And once again, I find myself happily using both. Once again, I am experiencing first-hand the merits and benefits of each side. So I see these people, such as yourself, who only use one or the other and feeling the need to "take a side" and to argue based on their own "side" that they've chosen, and I see it as deja vu all over again. And when you've only got one or the other, I think it creates an insecure "us vs them" mentality, like if you're wondering if you've chosen the correct "side" and therefore feel the need to attack the other "side" and argue against it. It's really silly and rather immature.

I have different pairs of shoes that I use for different purposes and different occasions. I really don't feel the need to argue why one particular pair of shoes is better than another. I'd rather have the option to choose which pair of shoes to use for any particular situation or outing. (I don't want to wear a pair of hiking books with a suit and tie!) I guess I use that same approach with my camera gear, too. Some shoes I wear to work, other shoes I wear to play. Likewise, some camera equipment I use to work (DSLR) while other camera gear I use to play (MILC). DSLR and MILC each have their own merits. Why put all your eggs into one basket if you don't have to? Why go through life with just one type of shoe if you don't have to?

Plus, some people are just very close-minded. It's their way or the highway. They latch onto one perspective ("APS-C is best and forever" or "DSLR is best and forever"), and cling to it for dear life. And anyone who argues against what they've decided needs to be swatted down. Silly. I am a happy APS-C DSLR user and a happy FF DSLR user. I am a happy DSLR user and a happy MILC user. Each has its benefits. Variety is the spice of life!

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