Why mirrorless over dslr?

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Re: each has its pros and cons
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But when you add a tele the size advantage disappears and becomes an ergonomical disadvantage (using the same sensor size)

"If" you add a tele. For all the rest of the times you choose to walk around with a non-tele, the small camera really is smaller.

I'm also not sure why it's an "ergonomical disadvantage" to have a smaller body, as long as it has a decent handgrip and controls you can still reach with the tele attached. Unless you walk around one-handing your DSLR+tele I guess...

I dont know if you looked at the comparision, but the deeper grip of the DSLR is much more comfortable. These are compact teles (slow 55-200 lenses), with longer/bigger ones the the difference in favour of the DSLR gets bigger.

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The grip is only going to be an issue of you plan on just holding the hold set-up with your right hand! In reality, the average user is going to support the weight of the lens with his left hand, with the right hand merely being used to steer the camera, press the shutter, and twiddle camera settings. You also have to keep in mind that the pictured D3200 is about 160 grams heavier (that's 46% heavier!) than the Sony NEX 6. So yes, the DSLR has a larger grip...but if you were only holding the camera with your right hand, it would have to bear more weight! Also keep in mind that the D3200 is *light* for a DSLR. With other DSLRs, you'd have to bear even *more* weight. So in a way, you could say that the larger grip comes part and parcel with the fact that DSLRs are bigger and heavier, so you need a bigger grip just to compensate for the bigger size and weight of the camera.

The difference in weight of the combos is 345+345 = 690g vs 335+505 = 840g = 150g. Really not that much. And yet the Nikon lens is a little faster (5.6 vs 6.3 on the long end). I think most people can see that the much deeper grip of the DSLR is more ergonomic, regardless if you shoot with one or two hands. If I substituted the Nikon for the new super small Canon APS-C DSLR the difference would be even smaller. The new Pentax K30 with a large OVF is another interesting addition to the small DSLR range. Actually, this is the kind of development I would like to see, together with a new breed of small lenses, like the new Canon pancake.

Many of the dramatic size comparisons that are made between mirrorless and DSLRs depends on the smaller sensor format of the m43 cameras, when you use equal sensor sizes the mirrorless/EVF combo difference vs DSLRs isnt that huge when you add the lenses.

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Rather than sitting at your desk looking at comparison images on the web, I recommend you go out and use a mirrorless camera. Rent one. Travel with it. Carry several lenses for it. Only then will you finally realize the merits of its smaller size, weight, and bulk-- like the rest of us have. Until then, you're just some nerd sitting on the web talking about something he has no first-hand experience about. It may make you seem important and knowledgeable in the kingdom of your own mind, but to the rest of us, you're just plain inexperienced and being a blowhard hack.

Keep in mind, most of us here have experience with BOTH DSLRs and MILCs.  I, for example, use both.  First hand experience counts for a lot, IMHO.  I love it how someone who doesn't have first hand experience thinks he knows better and can lecture someone who DOES have first hand experience!  Hahaha!  The arrogance and hubris!

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