Why mirrorless over dslr?

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You are dreaming...

Sonyshine wrote:

Mirrorless benefits are lightness, constant live view, able to use EVF with info overlay and no clunking mirror vibration.

The main drawback of most mirrorless systems has been slower AF. Nikon seem to have cracked this with their excellent 1 series which have very fast PDF and CDF combined.

It is expected that the next generation of mirrorless cameras from most major manufacturers will finally have very fast AF at which point all cameras will become mirror less.

Moving mirrors will go the way of floppy drives, CRT TV's and VHS tapes.

Nice pipe dream, except for the fact that very few if any mirrorless vendors are selling many cameras these days as DSLRs continue to dominate outselling MILCs by large margins.

Mirror vibration is only an issue at slow shutter speeds around 1/15 with long telephotos.  For most exposure times mirror vibrations have no impact at all on images.

Mirrorless cameras have shutter shock issues which you can read about here on DPR in countless threads.

And as long as professional photographers continue to prefer DSLRs (and OVFs) they aren't going anywhere.  And mirrorless vendors producing crop sensor cameras often for much more money than DSLR systems, meaning amateurs/enthusiasts are going to continue to purchase DSLRs in large numbers.

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