Why mirrorless over dslr?

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The main reason for mirrorless is portability...
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The primary reason to choose a mirrorless is portability as the smaller size, and lower weight can make your camera bag more manageable.  But for most men with average sized hands, the reduced size of today's CSCs actually make them less ergonomic, more fiddly, and more difficult to operate out in the field.

Small buttons, or non-existent buttons moved to touch LCDs is a common design choice for most MILCs. And it's this choice that make most mirrorless cameras less desirable (in some cases unsuitable) for most serious or professional photography. Pro or prosumer DSLRs that feature large dials and buttons that can be operated quickly even with gloves on in the winter will remain the most popular choice for many types of shooting like outdoor photography. More robust weather sealed bodies with deeper grips are one reason why DSLRs are by far the most popular choice for outdoor nature, wildlife and landscape photography.

The "small at all costs" crowd have yet to explain why smaller size is an advantage for anything other than portability, lighter weight. The other most talked about advantage is being discreet, a euphemism for sneaking around shooting other people out on the street.

But for ergonomics, usability and overall shooting experience a DSLR is a often the best choice. A deep grip, a bright 100% Pentaprism OVF, and two command dials found in most prosumer or pro DSLRs provide by far the most robust, easy to operate camera interface.

For hikers, travelers or vacationers, a small MILC or high quality P&S are more portable because of smaller size and lower weight. Once you get to your destination, a FF or high end APS-C DLSR like a D7100 is going to provide a better all-around shooting experience for the reasons I've outlined above (of course there are exceptions like street photography where a small camera like an X100 or Ricoh GR helps you stay discreet).

Adapting Manual Focus lenses

If you have a selection of manual focus lenses, some mounts like NEX or m43 make it easy to adapt such lenses. There are tons of superb MF lenses (Nikon AIS, Canon FD, Pentax m42, M mount) that work extremely well on camera like the NEX-6.

Upgrade Path

Buying into an APS-C DSLR system has a huge advantage over something like a NEX or m43 system in terms of providing an upgrade path. It's not uncommon for say a Nikon, Canon or Sony APS-C DSLR user as they improve their photography skills to upgrade to FF.  The best possible IQ, better DOF control, and more choices of wide and ultra-wide angle lenses because of the elimination of the crop factor are some reasons why people upgrade.  With m43, NEX, Fujifilm X, lenses are quite pricey in general, and choices are far less than with F-mount or EF-mount.  And unlike APS-C DSLR shooters, there is no upgrade path with most mirrorless systems in terms of IQ.  All Fujifilm X cameras and all Olympus m43 cameras, for example, use the same exact sensor so the lowest model and the top-of-the-line all have the same IQ for the most part.

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