Why mirrorless over dslr?

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Re: Why mirrorless over dslr?
In reply to Ubilam, Jul 15, 2013

To me the advantages of the DSLR are largely a lot of existing lens options and a live view via the mirror.

The problem with SLR's, film and digital, is shutter lag. When you fire the shutter the mirror first has to come up before the shutter opens. This can be a problem for the casual, careless user because this time lag is just enough that if you start to put the camera down on pressing teh shutter it is just enough time to get the camera moving fast enough to blur the shot. If you train yourself to hold the camera until you see the image the SLR gain an advantage because the mirror usually returns faster than the review frame appears on the LCD or EVF.

A good mirrorless camera has less time delay and photographers tend to hold them more steady, that is not putitng them down prematurely. I suspect this is a major reasn why high end rangefinder film cameras usually gave better results than SLR's in th good old film days.

Another factor also small is that the mirror box requires a long back focus and is hard to baffle well. The back focus turned out to be not so bad since reverse telephoto wide angle lenses turned out to be far superior to regular short focus lenses but thebaffleing problem means that in difficult light situations a clean well coated lens on a mirrorless camera is going to produce a crisper image than a DSLR.

These are small differences and factors like individual skill and minor amount of dirt can undo them, as can the degree and capability of the image stabilization.

I bought a mirrorless as my fiddling around camera. I have a lot of lot Nikon mount glass and I expect to have a lot of fun using it on my mirrorless camera. This camera does what it does superbly well but my go to camera for events grandchildren and travel is a super zoom.

If you are just starting out make an edcated guess at what kind of lenses you are going to want to what kind of pictures you most want to come out very well.  Select the type and maker based on the availability of the lenses and accessories.  If there is brick and mortar camera store near you go with what they feature.  For me I'd go with a superzoom until I had enough experience to know which way to go.

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