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Why mirrorless over dslr?

Started Jul 14, 2013 | Discussions thread
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You forget one huge thing.. don't assume.
In reply to Ron AKA, Jul 15, 2013

Ron AKA wrote:

I'm assuming a mirror dslr works like the old film type and you have a pure optical viewfinder? If so, I'm sure it will look nice to the eye (if the lens is fast and does not stop down when composing), but just like the old film type it can be misleading.

First a DSLR allows you to view your image instantly after you have shot it, something a film camera could never do, so you retake the shot.

DSLRs have something called live view which is you are allowed to see what you are shooting and it will look exactly like like what the image will look like on a computer screen.

You can even take video and capture an image in the middle of the video without messing up the video.

To me a mirrorless digital camera has all the advantages of both the old rangefinder (purity) and the SLR (flexibility).

So the DSLR has the advantages of having a pure optical viewfinder(purity) and live view (flexability) which allows you to see what you shoot in realtime. On a DSLR, the mirror is pulled out of the way and you have a mirrorless camera until you need the mirror. The mirrorless only allows you to shoot in live view mode without having an optical view finder.

Have you shot with a mirrorless in direct sun? It is difficult because the display cannot compete with the sun, the DSLR does not have this problem. You can add an electronic view finder but then you add the issues discussed earlier and it cuts into the weight size advantages of the mirrorless format.

Just my outdated, and probably inaccurate thoughts...

That is why there is always a big argument about this. But in the end DSLR has a big advantage because it can do both optical and electronic. Mirrorless only has the size weight advantage and as DSLRs get smaller and lighter, they lose that advantage too.

I believe in the end we will have mostly DSLR and camera phones, mirrorless/m43 will be niche market. One thing mirrorless cannot overcome is that I want an OVF and so do many. Once you start shooting fast moving objects, you quickly find out why you need OVF so I think even future generation of serious photograpers will demand an OVF. Once EVF overcomes the problems it has and it is a lower cost to produce than a mirror, then you may see a reduction, until then you will observe that mirrorless do not sell well.

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