A leap of faith.

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A leap of faith.

A leap of faith. Well I went against what I stated a few months ago. " No more Olympus Equipment until Olympus does it or gets off the pot. " . Well " My name is Collin and I am an Olympus 4/3 fan boy. " .

I have not posted for awhile as I have been extremely busy work wise. It was also a good time to regroup and get my mind straight about where I was going photographically. I have been tied up in the razzmatazz of old mounts new mounts new cameras etc. Also after coming back from Namibia with a broken E-5 (The second time) I started questioning where I was going camera wise. The work load and family commitments forced me to focus on other things in life and I started realizing there is much more out there other than photography, like pictures. Strangely that started me back on the road to reigniting an interest again. But this time in photos and not only in cameras as per say. ( I lie, but more about that later) I started working on the Namibia pictures as it's a daunting task when one has 7000 pictures to work through and one has stuffed up the WB (Again) on about a third of them , lucky for raw as I always experiment at the wrong time. I looked at my pictures and some that others have shoot and though ' so what's wrong with these. ' . I brought home the fact that the camera is only half of the equation. I looked at some of the stuff I have done and asked myself would a newer camera improve them and came to the conclusion that yes it might a bit but how much , and at what cost .

Firstly I can't t afford to buy a whole new system to replace my current stuff that I have built up over the last 7 years. I do not have that type of money and with the current state of the SA Rand will not have it for awhile. I also like my equipment and other than the temperamental E-5 have never had hassles with any of my kit. Although not active I have been keeping a eye on this place and read the headlines and some of the posts daily. I have not got involved as I then do not know when to switch off. Any way I started doing the Namibia stuff and have finished most of it (Except for the Etosha stuff with the iffy WB ) which I am working on. And any way that rekindled an interest in photography ( Other than the forced family stuff) . With that unfortunately came 'gear lust' again .

For some reason I went on Gumtree which is our sell and buy web site and did a search on Olympus lenses . Well I was extremely surprised when lo and behold here in South Africa and just down the road from me was a Olympus ED 90-250 f/2.8 for sale. for R12000 which Equates to $1200 ( Me thinks is a ducks bum water tight) . This is a third of the price of the cheapest lens on Ebay and no shipping , duty etc. We met this morning the money changed hands and I am now the owner of a SHG lens. This is my leap of faith into a system which I swore never to put a cent into again until Olympus gave some direction . Actually at the moment $1200 is a lot of money to me and I had to put it on plastic.

Why the cheap price " as it is not stolen . The person who bought it got is from a camera dealer who had it standing on his shelf for years as a shop demo model. With the 4/3 mount going sideways the shop parted with it for half what they paid for ) They bought it when the rand was R5.00 odd to the dollar its now R10 . The person who bought it thought he would use it for low light work but that did not work out . I think it was to big and heavy and he preferred the 70-300 (Go Figure) and wanted to part with it. I checked it out it's fine and came with both bags and the lens hood and the protective filter , the only thing was there is no lens cap. A 105 mm lens cap is not that easy to come by. The lens still had ver 1.1 firmware on it ( Did a quick update to 1.2) . The lens also has bit of back focus. With out doing a full calibration I added -5 to both ends and its now spot on or there about . ( I think he was also getting back focused soft pictures ) . I will do a full calibration later.

Typically it's rainy and overcast today so no real test shots. Random shoots with the lens and with the EC20 attached. The lens is sharp, very sharp wide open even with the EC20 attached. Oh the Bokeh is to die for my wife saw a picture and said what a wonderful background.

The very busy background on some lenses is a problem I have with the 50-200 and the bigma and spend some time with the blurring brush.

Any way I will do some more testing and post a lot of images taken with this lens.

I did get a picture of the dog. ( Out young lab)

The lens with hood , EC20 and E-5

The Mutt.

This was before the quick Calibration. Taken with the E-30. Ieeeesh black dogs are like black birds and difficult to shoot.

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