My plea: please read the challenge rules

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Re: My plea: please read the challenge rules
In reply to Buzz Lightyear, Jul 13, 2013

Buzz Lightyear wrote:

Buzz, nice comment.  Re my "no HDR" rule, I mostly agree with you, and it's a rule I've been thinking of eliminating.  It's the one rule I must confess that I have not enforced consistently...I have no problem with people using the process to bring out details in deep shadows and bright highlights--when the end result is a natural-looking photo.  It's those horrific overcooked photos that look artificial (and dreadful, to my eyes) that I want completely out of my challenges.

I completely agree with you re keeping challenges limited to a manageable number of entries.  For me, I keep it much lower--35 max.  That's b/c it's a rule of my challenges that an entrant vote for all the other entries.  I think it's difficult for many people to give considered votes on 99 entries, or 199 entries.  But no one doesn't have 3 minutes, or 5 or 7 minutes, to vote on a max of 34 images.  I'm incredibly impressed with any host that can have one or two hundred entries and still manage to enforce all the challenge rules . . . I admit that doing this would be way beyond my own abilities. 

I also have another motivation in deciding to have (and rigorously enforce) several challenge rules.  When I joined DP 10 years ago, I started entering challenge (a) for fun, (b) to see other people's images, and (c) to use the challenges as learning experiences--to prepare me for real-word photo competitions.  Out in the real world, there are photo competitions where you pay your money and you can enter your images...that's all there is to it.  But there are also other competitions where you have to submit your images and have them first be approved or denied by one or more judges.  Only approved ones are eligible to be seen by voters, win the competition, etc.

And my goal--in my current series of challenges--is to have something approaching this.  DP members are given a (hopefully) clear set of rules, and then I do my best as host to treat my entrants as pros or as serious amateurs--if you follow the rules, you participate; if you don't follow the rules, you don't participate.  I don't use discretion (if your image follows the challenge theme and the rules are followed, it's in . . . I never DQ an image for being 'bad' or uninteresting, etc.)--I let the voters decide what images are or are not appealing.

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