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Edward Lowy
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Re: E-P3 vs. E-PL2
In reply to Sudo Nimh, Jul 12, 2013

Sudo Nimh wrote:

I used the widget on this site to compare my E-PL2 against the E-P3, E-PM2, and E-M5. The RAW images show outstanding performance by the E-PL2 at base ISO. It is sharp and it has the deep reds that, unfortunately, get warmed toward orange in jpegs . If reds hadn't always come out with an orangey tint, I would not have bothered getting an E-P3.

The E-P3 is a really nice camera to use, and I like its colors, generally. The only significant problem I've noticed is super-saturated foliage and grass. Fortunately, non-Olympus RAW processors seem to be able to tone down the green.

This discussion made me postpone my plan to sell my E-PL2. I compared photos from my two PENs and listed some differences:

Better in E-P3:

  • Reds are red, not orange-red.
  • Not-too-warm color indoors.
  • Generally more colorful default images.
  • Faster autofocus.
  • Retro rangefinder-like styling.
  • Touch screen focus and shoot.
  • Clearer, brighter display.

Better in E-PL2:

  • Green foliage looks more natural, not oversaturated and darkened.
  • Not-too-cool colors outdoors.
  • Lighter weight + bigger grip + narrower body = easier to hold in one hand.
  • Tiltable flash for bounce.
  • Modern, handsome, unpretentious styling.

I might add that the magnified RAW from the E-PL2 looks super-sharp, and it is said to be sharper because of its feather-light anti-aliasing filter, but I can't say I notice a difference in sharpness in my photos, so I'm leaving that point out.

Ultimately, if I have to choose, and I do, I think I have to keep the E-P3. The main difference for me is the faster autofocus made possible by the faster processor. I shoot RAW so I can tamp down the foliage saturation as necessary. The E-P3's touchscreen, combined with near-instant autofocus, offers a convenient alternative to the focus-and-reframe mode of shooting.

It's a close call, but that's how I'm leaning.

Very interesting, thank you very much indeed for sharing your findings. Adopting the same style as you, my subjective thoughts :

Better in E-PL5:

  • Tilt screen versatility, excellent for getting shots at different angles
  • Terrific low light / indoor performance
  • Touch screen focus and shoot
  • Green foliage looks more vibrant, more natural
  • Wonderful skin tones in RAW
  • Better shutter action, more premium feel
  • More advanced customisation available

Better in E-PL2:

  • Sharper JPEG resolution
  • Preferable, more consistent exposure, less detail lost through over exposure
  • Easier to get focus lock where intended
  • More natural colours generally for OOC JPG's, including reds.
  • Colours less saturated
  • Bigger grip + bigger body = easier to hold in one hand.
  • Tiltable flash for bounce.
  • Better screen viewfinder display when shooting in 4:3 aspect ratio
  • Green grass looks more natural, not luminous!

The EP3 is a sort of halfway house between the EPL2 & 5 - it has the Truepic VI processor of the EPL5 but not the new Sony sensor.

Everyone says that the output from the OMD/EPL5/EPM2/EP5 is the same, but is it actually I wonder both in terms of colour and resolution?

I didn't appreciate that the EPL2 has a weaker anti-aliasing filter or that it was thought of as being particularly sharp. That is certainly my experience, is it a general experience?

Good luck with your choice - for me the EPx series is absolutely the best looking. I found the EPL2 to be a little too small for my liking (this would not be a major issue for me, just a difference from the EPL2), the EPx's are very nice to hold and behold.

Best wishes


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