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This is the right answer ...
In reply to edispics, Jul 10, 2013

edispics wrote:

Do what most folks seem to do in this kind of situation - get a good quality pocket camera for those times when the D800 plus the father, son and holy ghost are not required. It should not be an either/or proposition. Given the gear you already have, I would venture to guess that you could easily afford a pocket camera. So go for it, eliminate the angst and cover off all the bases.

Couldn't agree more. This has already been said a few times in this thread, but the message is being completely smothered.

The OP has framed this as a 'do I sell this to buy that' decision which is  the wrong way to look at it. He doesn't have the *wrong kit*. What he has is an *incomplete kit* that's not meeting his full range of needs.  Given that he has enough cash to buy a top-end kit, it shouldn't be a problem to add a quality pocket cam to cover the 'traveling light' situations.

As far as the posters passing judgement on the guy ... give him a break.  It's his life, his money, and his pleasure. More power to him.

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