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Re: No.
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T3 wrote:
Frankly, I prefer the composite body. Modern plastics are extremely resilient, dissipate impact shock better, are lighter, are far less prone to cracking and denting, compared to magnesium. Magnesium is very stiff, but as a result it's not as resilient so it's more prone to cracking. Plus, paint can chip and scratch off a magnesium body, which isn't an issue with a composite body.

I did some reading on the Internet to find out the lowdown on magnesium bodies and why they are used in more expensive cameras. These are some of the points I saw:

1. Magnesium makes a more solid camera body, no flexing, supports heavier lenses better.

2. Magnesium body fasteners can be assembled more tightly than plastic body fasteners.

3. At least some plastic body cameras have mounting screws (such as the lens mount) that go straight into the plastic, which can actually be torn loose - and again these cannot be tightened as much as regular screw-and-nut type fasteners.

4. More rigid magnesium body makes the mirror box more rigid as well, allowing it to operate reliably at higher FPS. (That came from a big shot at Canon in a video I saw.)

So it's not really about dropping the camera and having it survive unscathed, or possibly having it get fewer scratches on the finish. It's about a more solid feeling and just plain more solid camera structure with longer term reliability.

I'm sure the plastic bodies are fine for most folks, I never worried about mine when I had a Rebel, but clearly a machined magnesium alloy body is a premium item for which professionals are willing to pay the price. A 70D with its plastic (composite) body just does not have that level of body 'integrity'. Yes, it has the new sensor and some other good things. But it's not the level of camera that 7D buyers expect.

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