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Re: I am baffled at D600 naysayers..
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brightcolours wrote:

stevo23 wrote:

For instance, trap focus? D600 does that - mine is set that way all the time. (If I understand what you're after that is...)

Ok, how do you set up your D600 for trap focus? The newer Nikons have been changed in the way the AF-On button works, so trap focus does not work anymore. And there are no real workarounds.

If you're talking about the good old wedding trick, I hadn't tried it. I just used the features I thought would work and low an behold they don't. Not sure if they took this out intentionally or not. But I'm not missing it.


For instance, with Live View, I do wish the D600 would provide a live view histogram. But does the 6D one do us any good? Not to me. I think you really need need an RGB+highlight histogram to be effective and it appears they only provide a highlight histogram (correct?). Only providing the highlight histogram doesn't allow me to judge color temp or prevent channel blowing. If anything, relying only on a highlight histogram could cause you to create worse images. (I know, I know, long story, thin point.)

I had not even thought about the missing histogram in live view with the Nikon. But there is

Eh - I said I wish, but I didn't wish for one like the 6D. Having only highlight histogram is problematic and I would rather look at preview histogram if that's all I have. For me, highlight histogram is useless and actually detrimental. Glad I don't have highlight only as I'm not interested in what it can't do for you.

much more wrong with the live view implementation. Like the way you set aperture (or can't change aperture) during live view. You have to go out of live view and back again to see a change in aperture. No exposure simulation, just a useless auto gain. No exposure scale/indication. No possibility to use phase detect AF in combination with live view. No WiFi live view option. No live view USB tethering option.

I know you can have the 6D give you a depth of field check in live view and apparently not in the D600. I'm not sure I personally consider that a failure. I certainly wasn't expecting or wanting it and can well do without it.

And I don't know what you mean by "no" exposure scale. It shows up when it's relevant, but if your exposure is spot on, it doesn't show up. It's there, but not all the time where it clutters the view.

And I'm not sure why you would want phase detection in the Live View mode. It's cool that you have it in live view, but it seems that you're defeating the purpose. I think they only included it because of some incompatible lenses.

My purpose for live view is to operate at the sensor level. Live view focusing on the D600 is much more accurate and I thought they had chosen edge contrast at the sensor level precisely because of it's accuracy. Why you would want PD in live view - low light shooting maybe?

I think you're arguing about things that happen in your 450D, not the 6D?

Again, you're very much supporting my argument that there are little fine things that matter to you but not to someone else. And there are things about the Nikon that I think are better but not really interested in going through that. Tired, eyes want to shut.

BTW, my Canon EOS 450D already has RGB histogram in live view, exposure simulation in live view, I can change aperture in live view, I can choose between contrast detect AF and PD AF in life view, I have an exposure scale in live view, I have a live view USB tethering option in the software that came with the camera. So all that is not exactly new.

But do you have a touch screen? The latest Rebel has a touch screen.

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