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Re: I am baffled at D600 naysayers..
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stevo23 wrote:

brightcolours wrote:

Devendra wrote:

Lenses and QA arguments aside (since they can be easily matched) - I find it very odd/strange to see the naysayers of D600 agreeing to a less featureful, less capable camera like the most canon's including 6D.

D600 vs 6D

24mp vs 20mp (only 4mp more is not a valid comment, we would have stayed at 4mp D2h)

Ok, you start off silly already. If you would say that the D600 on paper has a slight resolution advantage, you would have a slight point.

39 focus points vs 11 focus points (is this year 2005?)

More accurate and fast AF for the 6D, with much more sensitive central AF. Both cameras only offer cross type AF point in the center. Both cameras offer a similar AF point coverage. The 6D performs better here.

9 cross type vs 1 cross (is this year 1980?)

All cross type points from the D600 are in the center. Just like that much better cross type AF point from the 6D. Come on, stop being a spec sheet lover.

Spot metering on ALL AF points (every basic nikon camera has this wonderful feature)

Spot metering on an AF spot makes little sense. Metering and AF are not linked (metering assumes 50% gray (or 15/18% reflective grey)). Use spot metering to meter the scene correctly on a mid tone, and use AF points to.... focus where you want to focus. It is not complicated.

On board FLASH vs none (6D is not even a pro camera)

On demand grid lines vs NO grid lines

Intervalometer vs none (Nikon has offered this since D200/year 2005)

Virtual Horizon..vs

Virtual horizon.

etc etc

GPS and wifi(gimmic).. well internal 6D GPS is great, but I can use same one in multiple Nikon bodies.

GPS is a gimmick, WiFi is not. The WiFi allows you to use your iOS or Andriod device to act as remote screen for live view. Very very powerful feature.

It is purely baffling to see the obvious differences and makes me wonder how one can skip such useful features so easily. If these are useless, then maybe you guys are missing a lot of quantifying factors to improve one's photography.

Don't be silly. The 6D is better in the AF area, much better in live view implementation, has nicer ergonomics, very good high ISO performance, much wider range of usable lenses, much better software package including USB tethering. And it is possible to use trap focus.

Does the D600 even have a well implemented mirror lock up, by now? The D600's main advantage over the 6D is its 100% view finder. For the rest, both are capable cameras. Depends on which lenses you own or need which is the better choice for you, basically.

anyway.. i wouldn't skip or brush off these features for anyone looking for a direct comparison

I think the OP has already decided what to do. But someone may come along and find benefit in this thread.This is a very good post and a good overall discussion for anyone considering a switch. There just isn't a clear winner no matter what some would say. In fact, I would argue against some of the advantages mentioned in this reply:

For instance, trap focus? D600 does that - mine is set that way all the time. (If I understand what you're after that is...)

Ok, how do you set up your D600 for trap focus? The newer Nikons have been changed in the way the AF-On button works, so trap focus does not work anymore. And there are no real workarounds.


For instance, with Live View, I do wish the D600 would provide a live view histogram. But does the 6D one do us any good? Not to me. I think you really need need an RGB+highlight histogram to be effective and it appears they only provide a highlight histogram (correct?). Only providing the highlight histogram doesn't allow me to judge color temp or prevent channel blowing. If anything, relying only on a highlight histogram could cause you to create worse images. (I know, I know, long story, thin point.)

I had not even thought about the missing histogram in live view with the Nikon. But there is much more wrong with the live view implementation. Like the way you set aperture (or can't change aperture) during live view. You have to go out of live view and back again to see a change in aperture. No exposure simulation, just a useless auto gain. No exposure scale/indication. No possibility to use phase detect AF in combination with live view. No WiFi live view option. No live view USB tethering option.

BTW, my Canon EOS 450D already has RGB histogram in live view, exposure simulation in live view, I can change aperture in live view, I can choose between contrast detect AF and PD AF in life view, I have an exposure scale in live view, I have a live view USB tethering option in the software that came with the camera. So all that is not exactly new.


Even lenses can be subjective. Photozone or Ken Rockwell or Lenstips may love one over the other and you may agree with all their points, but when you start using that one great lens, there may be some aspect of it that you don't like!

These are just some examples and it shows how much you really need to dig into the details before citing features. Often times, the very thing which is declared as "best in class" doesn't end up being so once you get into it.

So anyone in this situation needs to decide:

1) What's important to me? Which has the features I care most about? Autofocus? Dynamic range? Feature layout? Etc.

2) What is the cost to me both financially and practically if I switch? Will I have to take a hit on image quality / lens quality just to make the switch?

3) Which lenses do I like/want and which ones are better? For me, considering the lenses I wanted and already had, Nikon had better choices for image quality. But in actual practice, I doubt most would notice much difference between the two.

4) Will there be room for growth? IE, would I ever consider moving up from the 6D or D600? What do I like about the higher end cameras? D800? EOS Mark xxx?

5) Are my current lenses worth keeping? Will they still be worth keeping in 5 years? Maybe I need to replace everything now?



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