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brightcolours wrote:

Devendra wrote:

brightcolours wrote:

Devendra wrote:

Lenses and QA arguments aside (since they can be easily matched) - I find it very odd/strange to see the naysayers of D600 agreeing to a less featureful, less capable camera like the most canon's including 6D.

D600 vs 6D

24mp vs 20mp (only 4mp more is not a valid comment, we would have stayed at 4mp D2h)

Ok, you start off silly already. If you would say that the D600 on paper has a slight resolution advantage, you would have a slight point.

yes continue with the slight 4mp is not an advantage and we would still be shooting 4mp D2h.

Again the same nonsense. Keep it up (I know you will)

anyway.. i wouldn't skip or brush off these features for anyone looking for a direct comparison

So, please 6D is not worth 2k that canon charges you guys. A used 5D2 will more than suffice to overcome the same situations that you tried to justify with your own logic over D600 usage to overcome "advantages" of 6D over 5D2. But 6D is NO WAY advantageous to D600.

You invent features that are not there (for the D600) like "better AF system". Just more points does not make better AF system.

Like I said, both the 6D and the D600 are good cameras, and one's choice should depend on the lenses one has, or wants to use. Or maybe on the WiFi if remote live view is a feature one needs.

Stop it already! We're not looking for a Canon/Nikon flame war! I've seen prize wining photos done with pinhole cameras! Like I said just recently, you can end up justifying it however you want. The decision isn't won or lost on AF points or Noise figures alone. You have to understand the fine points of how each feature works to decide if you like it better or not. Me? I just want to make better images. I think I'll go buy an old Kodak Instamatic and start over...


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