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Re: No.
In reply to Karl Gnter Wnsch, Jul 8, 2013

Karl Gnter Wnsch wrote:

Well if the body happens to be too small to offer all the necessary controls (as is the case on the 70D) then this "lighter/smaller is better" is a misconception. Put a good fast lens on the camera and the plastic bodied camera will feel unbalanced. You need the weight for a well balanced setup.

I really don't get this "unbalanced" complaint. Every camera and lens combo has a center of gravity. Whatever lens you put on it, the only thing that really changes is where you put your left supporting hand. That's why, even when you mount a super telephoto lens on a camera body, there's still a way to hold it so that it feels "balanced", not "unbalanced". For example, I've regularly used my 70-200/2.8L IS and 100-400L IS lenses on Rebel bodies, and with proper handholding technique the whole rig feels "balanced". And to take it to an even greater extreme, I use a *tiny* Olympus E-PM1 m4/3 body that I attach my EOS lenses onto, using an EOS-to-m4/3 adapter. And while it may seem disproportionate, with proper holding technique there really is no "balance" issue at all. With proper holding technique, you're mainly supporting the lens, with your right hand just used to "steer" the camera body.

Anyways, I think the whole "balance/unbalanced" issue is overblown. Camera lenses and bodies come in a variety of sizes, weights and shapes, and with good holding technique practically any lens/body combo can feel balanced.

As for the "necessary controls" that you think are missing from the 70D, I'm curious to know which "necessary controls" those are?  Between the various hard buttons and dynamic touchscreen interface, I can't think of any controls that are missing from the 70D.  In fact, I actually think the 60D/70D button layout is superior to the 7D's, especially the top plate buttons.  One of my pet peeves regarding the older button layout (as on the 7D and previous XXD bodies up to the 50D) is that Canon crams six controls onto only three buttons, forcing each button to carry two functions.  On the 60D/70D, each button is dedicated to a single function: 4 buttons, 4 functions (AF, Drive, ISO, Metering), and you can use either the top finger wheel *or* the rear wheel to adjust the function, which means no more accidentally turning the wrong wheel and adjusting the wrong function!  As for FEC, I have that assigned to the SET button.  And the WB function I have that set to the Q button.  So unlike the 7D, each function has its own *dedicated* button, and you can adjust the function with both the top finger wheel or the rear wheel.  I now much prefer this button layout over the older, cluttered, dual-function button layout.

Oh, and it's also great that the location of the buttons actually coincides with the information on the LCD below it.  AF button is above the AF info on the LCD, as is the case with Drive, ISO, and Metering:

Contrast that with the older top plate layout, with its six functions on only three buttons, and how none of the buttons match up with the LCD info:

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