Science magazine becomming a rag of the left?

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Christoph Stephan wrote:

bigrgib wrote:

Welcome to reality! Just look up the websites of all major science institutions which even remotely have to do with climate change, ecoysystems research etc. .. you will find that climate change is an established reality, not a division between "left" and "right".

Only in the US there is this discussion - in the political and mainstream US, not in U.S. science - their insitutions have acknowledged climate change, may even lead the research on it.

See here a peer reviewed journal completely dedicated to the issue of climate change - with an impact factor of 6.91 - the highest you can can in plant pathology is around 2.5

I see a journal devoted to "[...] promote understanding of[...]current environmental change"


Global Change Biology defines global change as any consistent trend in the environment - past, present or projected - that affects a substantial part of the globe. Examples include:

So saying that it is "completely dedicated to the issue of climate change" is a bit of a stretch, innit?

It is by no means such a stretch than the post of the OP Looking at the list,

So two wrongs make a right. Nice.

you see that topic 1, 3, (4), 8, 9 are deovted to climate change and atmposheric changes i.e. climate change is, if not the sole, but a prevailing topic of the journal. Looking at the website

So not completely dedicated.

A look at the current articles show that global warming, CO2, ocean acidification (due to CO2) other climate relevant gases (N2O) are topics, here a few examples:

Climate change exposes polar bears to more pollutants

Effects of climate warming on polar bears: a review of the evidence'

The article: Natural variation and the capacity to adapt to ocean acidification in the keystone sea urchin Strongylocentrotus purpuratus

CO2 emissions from land-use change affected more by nitrogen cycle, than by the choice of land-cover data

: Rapid climate driven shifts in wintering distributions of three common waterbird species

Vulnerability of terrestrial island vertebrates to projected sea level rise

Increasing ocean temperatures allow tropical fishes to survive overwinter in temperate waters'

'Global warming threatens the persistence of Mediterranean brown trout'

According to the OP this list alone makes this peer reviewed "a rag of the left"

Quite ridiculous, and unique to U.S. politics (not U.S. science!) where accetance of climate change as a fact appears to be a left- vers right wing issue. And this was my main point.

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