Switch from Canon to Nikon - advice on lenses

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Re: Switch from Canon to Nikon - advice on lenses
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fhoffman wrote:


I currently own a Canon 7D and have also invested in high quality Canon lenses including the 10-22mm ultra-wide, 24-70 f/2.8L (1st gen) and 70-200 f/4L IS.

I plan to upgrade to a full frame camera and am leaning towards Nikon D600. This camera appears to have the overhand compared to Canon 6D and I've almost convinced myself that it's worthwhile to make the shift...

I plan to sell my Canon gear and use the money to buy the D600 body and some lenses.

Ideally I would like to have lenses that cover the same focal lengths as my current set up, and as my budget has its limitations I am considering these two lenses:

  • Sigma 12-24mm II
  • Nikon 28-300mm

I'm looking for any advice on these two lenses and my "strategy" as a whole. Will the supposed quality gains in the D600 body be outweighed by the degradation of quality in the lenses? Am I better off staying with Canon and buying a 6D instead? Any suggestions for an alternative/better combination of lenses that falls into the same rough budget range as the two above?

Any advice is most appreciated!



Why? Usually there is a reason for a switch like that. The 6D is a fantastic camera. (And I own a D600.) So if I had your glass, I would be staying with Canon. I just bought my D600 because I was finally able to move to a full frame DSLR. What made me decide? The lenses I already owned - from 10 years ago! I almost went with Canon for the 6D, but in the end, it was the lenses that kept me here. And I'm so familiar with Nikon's way of thinking that I just fell right into using this camera.

And not everyone feels that the D600 is a better camera than the 6D, so while you're convinced it has the upper hand on the D600, I wouldn't be so quick to assume.

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