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Re: "Poor Man's Image Stabilization"
In reply to TB Rich, Jul 6, 2013

TB Rich wrote:

schmegg wrote:

TB Rich wrote:

R2D2 wrote:

I'll almost always shoot off a burst and then cherry pick the sharpest one (there's invariably one that's sharpest!).

Do you use AI servo, or just one shot AF & literally spray and pray(!) assuming that 1 of the barrage of shots is at a moment when the camera is at its stillest?

AI servo is for subject that are moving. Normally, landscapes are fairly static.

I realised that after I posted, thought it could even be MF if going hyper-focal.

MF is the way to go if you're on a tripod shooting landscapes. Either that or liveview with an 'experienced' idea of where in the scene you need to focus.

"Spray and Pray" sounds so derogatory. I'm sure it's not how you meant it. There are times when that technique may yield a keeper when just one shot wouldn't.

Is employing that technique a bad thing? Surely if you get the shot you were after, when just one attempt might have missed it, is only a sensible approach.

Oh no not at all, I'm a rank amateur asking to learn! Often I do fire a couple off but using differing shutter button presses so AF changes each time. Using a burst on a single press would keep the AF point locked. So I was just wondering really if this technique may be a better method. Only one way to tell is to try of course, though I don't shoot landscape really but was thinking about doing some tomorrow for a change.

Either way you'd want to keep the focus consistent - so you'd establish focus and then make sure it doesn't change from shot to shot. There is, as usual, more than one way to achieve this. Back-button AF for instance.

The beauty of digital photography is that mistakes cost you nothing but a very small amount of time.

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