Getting to the 500mm range without spending $10K+

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Re: Lesser gear is not a waste
In reply to joger, Jul 6, 2013

joger wrote:

schmegg wrote:

joger wrote:

schmegg wrote:

Sharpness is only one factor in making a compelling image though.

It strikes me as ironic that you consider stitching multiple exposures to make up an image to be perfectly OK but could be "shocked" that someone might wish to combine multiple images in a different way.


And your point that more IS "does not harm" can equally be applied to AF performance!

You seem to think that if a feature or compromise is not valid for you personally, then it is simple not valid at all. You are wrong about this my friend.

you interpret far too much in my postings - far too much.

Perhaps - or perhaps I simply read what you wrote.

stitching four or five individual carefully focussed images from tripod with MLU and IR remote release introduces no mirror slap => thus the least possible amount of unsharp pixels caused by camera movement.

But "stitching four or five individual carefully focussed images from tripod with MLU and IR remote release" will not help if the scene DR exceeds the capabilities of your camera.

I am absolutely consistent in my thinking here.

Sure - but you are ignoring other situations.

Why you should be "shocked" that someone should use a different technique to you is beyond me TBH. But the technique certainly has its uses, regardless of if you think it's "sensible" or not.

she did not do bracketing - just 5 frames with the same exposure to have one sharp image at full speed


Why would she be using photomatix then?

Not sure I buy it - but you were there, I was not.

I was shocked that someone would do that instead of holding the camera steady and have a look at the final result and then to judge whether it is sharp.

Sharpness is not everything. In fact, it's not what makes a compelling image at all, though it can help (particularly if the other important factors have been neglected).

anyway - if you want to read further context between the lines I am fine with that - it looks like my way is working pretty well whereas I see others doing stuff they can't really fully explain and where i see no use for considering the basic principles of physics (technology wise) - arguing against that is strange

No one has to explain anything to you. If they get images that suit them, then they are doing fine.

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