Police out of control or were they justified?

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Brian D. Schneider wrote:

Those police officers did not, repeat NOT approach him until after he made his comment about the lack of black officers on scene.

What is illegal about that? Ever heard of the first amendment?

You can even tell a cop to f off, that's protected free speech.

If you refuse to acknowledge that, then you are part of the problem also.

This man created the confrontation and he got arrested for it. On top of that, he refused to secure his dog who then got shot. Perhaps the officer that got bit, should sue him. After all, he can!!!!

That's the ONLY thing he did wrong. + the loud music.

The problem they are having in the USA is that the police is indoctrinated into an us vs them mentality where the police exist to "serve and protect" themselves with little regard for the citizens who pay their freight.

I suspect the reason why there is such an uproar about this has as much to do with the police in the USA starting to have an almost routine disregard for the rights of the citizens, and what seems like a standing policy to shoot dogs whenever possible. This particular incident just highlights, once again, the fact that American police forces are turning into a sadistic group of jack booted thugs. A normal person would have found some way to have not shot the guy's dog. It takes quite a sociopath to shoot and kill an animal the way that particular cop shot and killed that particular dog.

One hopes that at some point in the future, someone shoots and kills a member of that cop's family, preferably in front of him, and preferably in such a way that the family member (hopefully a child) dies in great pain with the cop forced to look helplessly on. This would be justice served for that cop.

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