Science magazine becomming a rag of the left?

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Batty ALSO slandered the Magazine
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Brian D. Schneider wrote:

Nightwings wrote:

While I go to Popular Science's website a lot to read the latest innovations on science and technology - I was quite taken aback recently to witness the obvious sharp left turn it took regarding certain issues. I think they should tick to cold hard science and leave political ideologies / political agendas out of it. imho.

Here, in this article, they appear to accuse the media for not doing enough to stated that the wildfires are directly related to climate change. A lot of their (cough) research was provided by MEDIA MATTERS...... which of course is as biased as the day is long.

Source Article

A direct quote from the author of the PopSci article:

"Climate change is a major contributing factor to wildfires, like the blaze in Arizona that killed 19 firefighters this week. But is that connection being made in news reports?"

ROFLMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What complete and utter BULLSH**!!!!! The fact that the affected areas of that wild fire had NOT BURNED IN 40 YEARS..... and got sparked by lightning WAS the cause of that fire, NOT CLIMATE CHANGE.

I can not believe the utter dishonesty that is being hoisted on the unsuspecting public.

BTW, if their clear cut BIAS in this matter is not apparent in the core text of the article, take a look at one of their posted charts of media outlets. Let's see if you can pick up a glaring omission.

Sorry popsci, from now on, if I can't verify any of your articles..... including science and technology related with an alternate source, I'll just have to dismiss anything you say as complete and utter BS.

Even their own readers comments are calling them out for the BS'ers they are imo.

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You're an ignorant anti-science a-hole.

Edit, "omission" seems to be Fox, because they only list legitimate news outlets.

He actually claims that they derived their research from Media Matters. That's a lie. What they DID get from Media Matters, an organization which tracks the media, was the NUMBER of times each outlet reported on global warming and these fires.


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