'France is plagued by bankruptcy and mass immigration’ - Marine Le Pen

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Re: Cuba: Mecca for Healthcare (Not)....

DrugaRunda wrote:

You life prospects depend greatly on where you were born in the US, not so much in Cuba, so at least in that respect they are more equal even though they do not have access to 50k USD of GPD per head on average as you have, but 8x less than that. Amazing, isn't it?

That is only because they no longer are forced to dig canals and roadways by pick and shovel.

But to say "You life prospects depend greatly on where you were born in the US" is just plain false.

Stress is the number #1 killer.... so you may have a point in saying that Cuba, as a whole, may now have a healthier less stressful lifestyle for the masses..... be they poor.

But in Cuba as well as the US, who lives the longest and who is it that enjoys the fruit of better living....The wealthy.

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