Police out of control or were they justified?

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Brian D. Schneider
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My two cents on this....

The dog didn't deserve being shot. I didn't see it bite anyone?

You didn't see it bite anyone, or you fail to acknowledge it bite the officer and attacked.

The pedestrian should have not been aprehended for photographing the police assuming this is benign an not something else going on that we viewers don't know.

The pedestrian is an azzhole for taunting the police

Yes, the pedestrian created this whole situation, and his dog attacked. The police did not attack the dog, the dog attacked them.

All around this was mishandled by the police and the pedestrian and the dog paid the price.

Seriously? What did you expect the police to do? Let this man taunt them by video taping them, and then having his dog attack? Do you know the laws on dogs? This dog was clearly not confined or secured? If a dog escapes and attacks, then you are free to defend under any circumstances, including deadly force if necessary.

Uh the "suspect" had put the dog in his car. The dog left the car to go to the "suspect".

Uh, the dog CLEARLY was able to escape and attack. That does not mean the dog was secured, especially since the window was OPEN.

If you are walking down a street, and a pit bull is chained up in the owners back yard, and gets loose, and attacks and kills. That homeowner is going to end up filing bankruptcy, because they are going to be owned.

In this situation, the pedestrian was looking to cause trouble, and when he got what he wanted, he paid dearly for it. Not only was he arrested, but his dog was killed because it escaped the car, and attacked.

End of story.

Documenting the acitvities of the police is perfectly legal. The City, if not the Police are "going to pay dearly" for this.

That's right, fvkcface. And it's also perfectly legal for them to put the fvkc in cuffs and question him.

For recording from a safe distance? No fking way is that legal.

That's why many photographers have won big settlements.


Of course it was legal to arrest him and detain him. He confronted the officers, and when he did that, he interrupted them while they were doing their job.

As you are WELL AWARE, they had at least 5 police cars on scene to either serve a warrant or arrest someone in that home in the background. The two officers stood across the street bothering no one, just doing their job.

It was NOT UNTIL the black man, (video taping them) confronted them and asked them "why no black cops were present"?. That was clearly confrontational and racially motivated. And if you don't see that, then we have much bigger problems in this world.

Finally, he WANTED to be arrested. That is why he took the dog to his car, and then walked backwards and surrendered to those police officers. HE WANTED THE CONFRONTATION.

Any rational human being can see that. If you don't see that, then you simply do not respect the work law enforcement does to protect the citizens of this country. They are not trusted, they are not respected, and they are constantly facing racially biased claims. It gets disgusting.

Do we have bad cops in this world? Of course we do, but a predominance of them are great people who are just trying to protect the citizens from crime and criminals. I can not imagine a world without law enforcement personnel.

Personally, I think they should put you in cuffs and question you every day you leave your rats nest.


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"Everyone who has ever lived, has lived in Modern Times"

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He wasn't close to the police until THEY started approaching. He then calmly turned around to be cuffed.

The only thing he did wrong is keep the music too loud, and not secure the dog.

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