Brands/power/modifiers color temperature

Started Jul 3, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Brands/power/modifiers color temperature
Jul 3, 2013


Has anybody done any testing regarding the change in color temperature in the following scenarios:

- which brands (Elinchrom, Einstein, Broncolor,Nikon/canon speedlights, etc) tend to have less change in color temperature at different output powers (full power vs 1/8 vs 1/16 vs 1/64 etc) ?

- which modifiers and modifier brands (softboxes, beauty dishes, umbrellas, etc) are the most "color neutral" ? Do the cheap modifiers affect the color temperature more than the expensive ones ? Does it change between different products inside of the same brand ?

- Have you found DIY materials (white paper, aluminium foil, white bed sheets etc) that are "color neutral" ?

I ask because right now I have two different lighting setups: Nikon speedlights + cheap phottix umbrellas and Elinchrom system (3 lights) with portalite softboxes and a rotalux octabox. A while back, I made a couple of DIY light modifiers (softbox with aluminium foil and white paper as a diffusion sheet, etc). The Elinchrom and the speedlight setup differ significantly in color temperature and so did the light that came out of my DIY softbox vs the phottix umbrella (in post, when correcting for the umbrella, the other light goes in the magenta direction, and vice versa, when correcting for the softbox with the white paper, the umbrella was going in the green direction...).

Is the only solution to shoot with one kind of lights and brand at a time ? Do you guys mix different modifiers together ? The difference I noticed was not excessive, but enough to get slightly different skin tones in the same photo depending on which light was hitting which part of the subject ! If using only one light, there is of course no issue because you can correct for that light and the whole photo will have the same temperature/tint. As soon as you add a second light, both lights must have the exact same color temperature (I am not talking about gelling for bigger differences in light temperatures used for effect) or you get weird color casts in some parts of the photos, even if that difference is not very pronounced.

Thanks for reading.

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