Police out of control or were they justified?

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Re: Police out of control or were they justified?
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Chato wrote:

drh681 wrote:

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When did this happen?

I just searched California law, and police officers CAN BE VIDEO recorded. According to the FEDERAL link below, the laws were challenged and changed in 2011 that allowed public citizens the right to record public servants, including police. Unless they are interfering with the officers. They are not allowed to interfere.

In my opinion, this man was NOT interfering, but clearly looking to stir up trouble.



My opinion of the dog being shot and killed does not change though. When the dog is in public, it MUST be controlled at all times. If it gets loose and attacks, then citizens, or the police can use whatever means necessary to defend themselves.

If you read some of the News links, from MSN, you find that the "suspect" has a long history of "run ins" with the Police. (Including a pending law suit)

There's an organisation in New York that deliberately go around and video the Police. You figure they should all be arrested, for being trouble makers - Which they are.

Of course THEY never violate the law. Following the Police around is NOT a crime. Arresting a citizen for filming you IS a crime. Now these citizens are bound by law not to actually interfere with a Cop. I didn't see him come close to interfering with a Cop

So what is it? The law IS the Law, or the Police ARE the Law?


Dave I am not arguing for or against the Police. But the video clearly shows that this incident was a spin-off of a multi-car response to something else.

The "suspect" was probably familiar to one or more of the officers. The "suspect was also obviously not resisting his detainment. (It fit his "needs")

The only real "victim" in this whole thing is the dog. The dog did what dogs will do for their "pack".

If I were truly a cynical person, I might speculate that the dog was there to be sacrificed so as to generate the howling outrage that has ensued.

I pray God that I never actually get that cynical.

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