Police out of control or were they justified?

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Johnsonj wrote:

You're about as big a douche bag as Squidly.

For a moment, I thought you were gonna agree with me, and that would have made me look very, very, very bad.

Maybe you would feel differently if some fvkc like Rodney King, while evading the cops, piled into a car killing your family?

So, who did Rodney kill?  But, let's say it happened like that.  I'd feel just as "differently" if it had been some ++++++++ who flips burgers at mickeydee's or his rich uncle that did it.

You think you'd view things differently then? Or maybe not? You liberals are so warped.

For the record, I'm far from liberal.  I'm far from conservative, too.  Weird, isn't it?  That someone might hold values that aren't neatly pigeon-holed to the left or right?  Well, weird to the cognitively limited, that is.

In any case, not a fan of police acting like vigilantes.  Arrest the person, have them stand trial, convict them if guilty, and punish them for the crime.

The fact that scumbags sometimes get off, or that sentences are sometimes too light, does not excuse the police acting like vigilantes, or haven't you watched enough westerns yet?

I mean, seriously.  Just how stupid are you, and others, that think police vigilantism is a good idea?  That's a rhetorical question, by the way -- I already know the answer.

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