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Why is there so much sheer negativism and sarcasm in this forum??

Started Jul 3, 2013 | Discussions thread
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kaiser soze
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Why is there so much sheer negativism and sarcasm in this forum??
Jul 3, 2013

This forum has more sheer negativism and sarcasm that just about any Web forum that I have ever visited. I do not understand it, and I find it very depressing.

The catalyst for this comment is what I witnessed in another thread that is active now, that is badly titled ("NEX-6 has a fatal flaw?") but that asks the reasonable question of why you cannot set the ISO to Auto when shooting in M. That is, why it is that when you choose to set both shutter speed and aperture, that you are required to also set the ISO.

It has been pointed out that some Nikon and Pentax cameras do not have this inexplicable restriction. Moreover, notwithstanding that this is not a common capability with cameras in general, it could hardly be any more obvious that there is a complete lack of any good reason why most all cameras do not permit you to do this.

I have no idea what the problem is with manufacturers, but this is not the first time that most manufacturers of a given type of product were behaving in an inexplicable way. I just thought of a good analogy. For many, many years, car manufacturers made automatic transmissions but did not give you a good way to control the gear that was used. There was never, ever any good technical reason for this. As when a couple of manufacturers eventually decided to break from tradition, they all followed suit within just a few years.

The thing about this that I found very, very annoying, even disturbing, is that a bunch of people jumped all over the guy who brought this up, DjMike. (I think there is another thread on the same topic but just not in the context of the NEX-6, but that is irrelevant.) Why did so many people jump all over him? This makes no sense to me whatsoever. It isn't as though you would be forced to use that capability if it showed up in a camera that you wanted to buy. I think it is safe to say that if you encountered a camera that had this capability and you wanted to buy the camera for other reasons, that this capability would not be a reason for you to not buy the camera. Yes, that is a safe bet, for sure. Yet, lots of people were overtly rude and sarcastic, and I am just not able to make any sense of that. Why can't people who would not find that capability useful simply say, "That isn't a capability that I would use, but I agree that it is an odd restriction, i.e., odd that this is something that you cannot do with most cameras where you are allowed to set the ISO to Auto in other modes." Why can't people just say something along those lines, rather than seize the opportunity to be rude and sarcastic for no reason beyond the opportunity to do so? Why so much negativism? Are people living such miserable lives that they can't refrain from behaving in this manner? What gives?

Sony Alpha NEX-6
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