Police out of control or were they justified?

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Re: Police out of control or were they justified?
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Wheatfield wrote:

LeRentier wrote:

It does look very disturbing but, on the other hand, that was a Rottweiler dog, the kind that doesn't let go once it bites.

Excuse me, but that statement is full of sh1t, plain and simple. I've helped bite trained a dozen or more dogs, Rotties included. EVERY Rottie I worked with had an excellent release command. A couple of Shepherds that I worked with would not release under any circumstances. Both a GSD and a Malinois that I worked with had a tendency to try to bypass the sleeve and go for the agitator's face.

The movie "the Omen" has a graveyard scene where a guy is run down by a pack of Rotties and savaged. The reason they used Rotties was because they were the only ones stable enough to be trusted to do that sort of bite work and not hurt the actor.

Here in France such a dog is considered as a potentially deadly weapon.

ffs, in France, a Teacup Poodle is a deadly weapon.

Maybe these cops could have handled this better but I don't know how many brain cells they are required to have before they are let loose in the street.

The guy had a vendetta going with the cops. They punished him for that by shooting his dog, and letting it die in pain while he had to watch. Both sides are dickheads, the cops, however, are sadistic dickheads. They should lose their jobs over this, and the city should have to pay a hefty settlement.

They could have ignored the guy.

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Always remember, whenever you declare someone the dumbest person on Earth, someone else will stare at their screen intently, cross their arms and say ‘Challenge accepted’.

I think this is the first time that I have ever agreed with anything you've said.  100% spot on IMO.  Thumbs up.

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