If the Red States Seceded...

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Re: There are never only 'two sides'

boggis the cat wrote:

ClingingToLife wrote:

Seems to me the whole country has a problem with accepting reality.. Too many lies and propaganda and lies being accepted as truth because the mainstream news says it..

People argue over which lie to believe rather than over truth..

Its like the twilight zone has become reality..

This is what Noam Chomsky would refer to as 'framing' the debate.

There are always myriad options and alternatives with any decision, so if you want the outcome to fall within a narrow band you must pretend that the options are actually very narrow and preferably has 'two sides'. So you don't have an open political system in the USA (even though you in fact do) because there are only two alternatives: Republican or Democrat, both very close together ideologically and both fully bought and paid for by those who wish to remain lords and rulers of the USA.

The first trick is to be aware that the 'two sides' argument portrayed in corporate media is total BS.

Well said...

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