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I cannot think of a single reason why a moderator should be excluded from commenting in a thread. They are every bit as interested and knowledgeable as any participant. I have not seen an instance where a mod has bullied anyone elses opinion and have often offered solid advice. Just how are they threatening your views? They are volunteers, give much of their free time and take some uncalled for abuse. A bit of respect is small payment.

Here's a couple of reasons. 1) Just having that "mod" symbol next to their name changes everything There's a concept of acting under the color of authority. 2) I have seen threads where the mod makes the last point and then declares the thread closed. 3) As you've said, they are volunteers. If they don't want to do it, then don't do it. It's a priviledge, not a burden.

My suggestion that mods only moderate forums they don't participate in solves these problems. They can participate in the forums they are passionate about. They can moderate in the forums they are inpartial about. What's the problem with that?

Let's just state that we agree to disagree. You obviously would prefer to keep discussions open and free of oversight. That only works in a perfect world. Well guess what? We don't live in that world. There is a small minority that feel burdened, even threatened, by rules, regulation and laws but the majority understand the need. That's democracy in action.

Democracy? There's nothing democratic about how forums are run, including DPR. They are dictactorships. Some are benign dictatorships like Singapore, others not so much. Those open discussions which you disdain would be the democracies. Since the majority would by definition rule through force of numbers. The only forum I can think of that is a democracy is CraigsList where most posts are taken down not by moderators, but by popular vote of the readers. In fact the admins/moderators are pretty much non existant there even when you do want one.

More importantly, most forums allow users to ignore other users. So if someone "trolls", simply ignore them and they can't troll you since you don't even see their posts.

I think you're wrong. First, you may ignore a troll but it doesn't make it go away. Moderators and ban will.

You could argue that out of sight, out of mind but, what happens if you don't know that someone is a troll and therefore you don't add him/her to your ignore list? You'd probably be trolled and not notice it.

That's why we need moderators. They protect us from potential aggravation and from reading things that are not good for us.

Some prefer to censor what others write. I think it's better that we simply censor what we choose to read.

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