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@bugbait - I suggest you just buy a Nikon D7100, give Nikon a shot
In reply to bugbait, Jun 28, 2013

bugbait wrote:

...But far from very impressive. Might be good enough for my buying into Canon instead of Nikon for my winter build. Has to be CLEANER shadow recovery than D7100 because its images are a heap better than the old Canon 18 MP and more pixels equals a heck of a lot more cropping ability.

From what I read, Toshiba sensor use in Nikon D7100 is superb. I doubt canon can exceed it, but canon should be able to match it being that its only a 20.2mp sensor vs Nikon's 24mp

I see mention of the new contrast AF system being 5x faster than I suppose the EOS M original firmware as a standard. So maybe faster than the competition maybe still behind.

Have you try Nikon Live View? Give you a hint, its no speed demon either. In fact, I find it worst

Single Digic 5+, keeps the performance closer to the 60D than the 7D. I think I smell another small buffer coming.

Canon 60d has no buffer issue. Unlike Nikon D7000/D7100. It tab out at 100 shot in JPEG. Nikon always wins on paper, but when you go out to shoot, you discover many unpleasant surprise such as low buffering with D7000 series.  Watch Cameralabs Nikon D7000 in Action Shoot vs Canon 60d

But at the end of the day for me even more important to how it feels in my hand is how many keepers I can get versus other cameras for the same money. The D7100 is getting nothing but solid reviews other than the crippled buffer.

yeah, its pretty bad, almost useless.  What good if FPS, if I can only shoot 3-10s of action?

The T5i was pretty much laughed at if not dissed by the bulk of reviewers.

Agree, my head still shakes.  It is the single worst  & most (non-improve) camera release in canon's entire history.

And as the table below illustrates, the D7100 can utilize the center-most 15 AF points with a lens whose maximum aperture is only F5.6. You could also put a 2x teleconverter on a lens like the very good AF-S Nikkor 70-200mm F4G ED VR and the D7100 could still use its center focus point at the F8 equivalent maximum aperture this combo would produce.

The crop mode for action shoot is quite useful (for me), unfortunately the small buffer & buffer under-run kills the d7000 series from being a formidable sports gear.  Nikon did this on purpose as not to damaged the sale of its higher D300s camera lines. Sucks doesn't it?

I also research heavily into buying Nikon D7000/D7100, in fact, I was dead set on switch to Nikon at one point.  However, I discover several things that is really annoying:

  • Cannot Change Aperture when shooting video, you must upgrade to D800 for that
  • Nikon Live View is a joke.  It lack the ability to show how actual aperture/shutter affect your image.  So your final shot look very differen from your Live View, stupid
  • Small buffer + Fast FPS = massive buffer under-run after just 5-8 seconds of continuous shoot

I would recommend you rent a Nikon D7000/D7100 over a weekend of intense shoot.  I did, and I walk away with a new found appreciation for Canon DSLR.  I admit that Canon always look weak on paper, but there are numerous area where canon get it so right that I keep finding myself coming back to canon.

I fully expect Canon 70d to be inferior to Nikon D7100 on paper, but I learned from my own experience, that there is more to canon than specs.

Good Luck on whatever you decide. Both are great DSLR, you cannot lose either way.  I really boils down to preference.  I discover I still a Canon guy...even after a brief affair with a Nikon mistress

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