Skin colour in 24MP DX cameras

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Re: Skin colour in 24MP DX cameras

Well, I don’t know about the d7100, but I have been struggling with this issue since I switched to the d7000. I came from Canon. I know Canon is a little cooler with their colors, and maybe that is the difference. But skin tones have been a problem for me. I always shoot raw on AWB and try to adjust in post processing. I have a few different grey cards and black/white/grey targets. When I use strobes in the studio, the skin tones are almost perfect. But I also do a lot of “run and gun” shooting of family and friends in much less controlled, indoor lighting. This is where I have problems. Even when I go back a few minutes later and shoot where the person was with a grey card for reference, it is still hard to get really nice skin tones. I find with the d7000, I have to be very careful with exposure to get anything close to pleasing skin tones, and that is after I WB adjust in post.

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