Do pixels matter? What 20" x 30" prints reveal.

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LaszloBencze wrote:

Opinions differ. Sensitivities differ. Tastes differ. What's surprising though, is that the obvious and clear cut difference between 10 and 20 megapixels does not result in an obvious and clear cut improvement for all pictures as viewed by all people. take the exact same scene with the only difference being 10mp vs 20mp then print at the native resolution of the 20mp image and show side by side. Or you print at the native resolution of both and most would rather have the bigger pic on the wall. You can always set up a comparison that makes it near impossible to tell 10 from 20...but that means your limiting the output capabilities on the 20mp file in some way. Two pics of the same white wall devoid of texture...hard to tell them apart. Portrait of a man with a light beard in good light at 36x36 and 300ppi on Fujicolor Crystal Archive becomes a bit obvious even with good processing (when viewed side by side up close).

It seems that straightforward, scientific measurements do not relate directly to human responses. I take that as an indication that humans are more complicated than measurements.

That's true....but when the comparison is an accurate/equivalent one....things change a bit. Bottom can get great pics from either camera, but If I can have only one, it would be the current gen camera in my bag. The capabilities in print size, crop ability, DR, and high ISO noise are usually too good to want to go back to 10mp unless circumstances demand it.

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