Warning - Nikon REFUSES to replace equipment they cannot fix, even if under warranty.

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First - the Merchant don't keep any af the VAT for him selves - it's all taxes to the state - and now a days to the membershib of EU.

Not strictly true - VAT stands for Value Added Tax. Retailers collect the tax when they sell a product, but they also pay the tax on everything they buy. They then subtract the VAT amount they've paid from the amount they collect, and submit the difference to the government. This avoids 'taxing a tax', which is what happens with a traditional sales tax.

Thats correct - which means, that the fully tax is paid by the customer - which was the hole idea.

None of the taxmoney are going to the manufacturer or to any of the resellers in between.

Every part of the chain, exept the consumer, can subtract the paid tax, meaning that they will only pay their part, and always get that from the next part in the chain ending up with the consumer paying.

Its also causes, that there will be VAT of the profit in every part, and that this VAT will be accounted to the state, Again paid by the last part.

The Vat will then NOT be a cost to the goods for the manufakturer and will not distort competition, domestic anyway.

The system was invented in Denmark, I think in 1966 in the meaning af cooling down the, at that time, rising consumption of specifically imported goods bought for money, we didn't have. In Denmark it started with 9%, and only on goods, but is escaleted to today 25% and on (mostly) everything.

We have had it ever since, and exported the idea to the rest of the European Union.


..and it also proves that we actually get the 2 year warranty period "for free" , since the "extra" money does not go to the manufacturers or merchants to cover the costs of the additional year of warranty (compared to the US).

Don't U.S. customers get a 5 year warranty with lenses?  In the U.K. it is only 1 year, but without being cheaper.

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