Do pixels matter? What 20" x 30" prints reveal.

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Very true
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LaszloBencze wrote:

Thank you Phil. You support my point. Images are powerful and appealing not because of their technical perfection but because the technique supports whatever artistic statement is being made. There's a big difference between the two. Sometimes exquisite technique is crucial to the impact of the photo as in the work of Ansel Adams, Edward Weston, and, more recently, Greg Crewdson. All three artists provide that exquisiteness in spades.

But sometimes the image is great with minimal technique and low levels of perfection as in the work of Cartier Bresson or Dorothea Lange. Many of Bresson's pictures are extremely grainy. And that doesn't matter. Dorothea Lange's famous "Migrant Mother" is out of focus. And that doesn't matter.

I think most photography (and this includes my work and the work of most advanced amateurs) falls somewhere in between. The difference between a camera which provides 10 megapixels and one which provides 36 megapixels, will, in most cases, be insignificant. What matters is how well the picture is seen.

That is often the case

But of course it is always easier to argue about easily measurable specifications that it is to dispute about art.

That said...I personally get more use, enjoyment, and personal pride from my pics made with the new gen camera than the older gen 5mp camera I still use, all else being equal. There are also other elements of photography that bring enjoyment/pleasure that have nothing to do with the exposure. Sometimes one camera just feels good. Snapping off a Polaroid might do it for some. It's more complex than one might think...because we are all wired different. As an example, my wife will always pic the picture with the horse in it as her favorite...even if the rose pic is stunning and a masterwork done by Crewdson. The guy down the street will buy it as long as it's done on velvet. 

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