Warning - Nikon REFUSES to replace equipment they cannot fix, even if under warranty.

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cerberusjf wrote:

Mako2011 wrote:

cerberusjf wrote:

I don't understand how it can be more cost-effective to receive, process and return a camera at least twice, then replace a camera than to assess it properly and fix or replace it the first time.

The profit margin is very small on a body. The vast majority of repairs (I have been told this) are a one time things not needing multiple trips and the "3 timers" are relatively rare. "2 timers are more frequent though but don't approach the "single time numbers". If you go to a "buy one get on free" mode with 2 time repairs...the bean counters have shown you lose a bigger junk of change than waiting till 3 and it's cost effective (don't lose as many buys as we might think). That's simply how I understand it.

I also don't understand why Nikon can't fix front focus if it is so easy?

Perhaps not as easy as we think? That said. Seems a small % (in terms of real raw numbers) get returned for it. (told that also but can only assume was being told the truth)

Maybe it is not cost-effective, but I would be surprised if back or front focus was difficult or impossible to fix. Presumably these bodies are designed to have this ability?

I all depends on the issue causing it. It can be anything in the optical path from lens, AF-Sub mirrior (hard to adjust), primary mirrior (easy to adjust and some have done it at home, or maybe AF-Unit adjust (very hard to adjust..relative usually a replacement required). Not all AF problems are created equal

Maybe it's my personal experience, but I find it difficult to believe Nikon fixes things first time very often..

They do. We don't here about that as often here.

My experience with my first Nikon D5100 in case anyone is interested:-

By which service center?

Top sensor causing camera to freeze at small apertures 3 trips to fix

Whay is a "top sensor" ?

35mm 1.8 motor replaced, then sent back so they could fix the M/A switch they left inoperable , so 2 trips to get it fixed

D5100 back-focus, not sorted first trip, sent back and returned with very bad front-focus second time, so 2 trips and not fixed.

18-105 lens motor replaced, fixed after 1 trip (I hope?)

The fact that I had to return these items again for the same problem (or for problems caused by Nikon) did not appear to be a surprise to anyone at Nikon;they seem to have a very cavalier attitude. I do remember at one stage someone suggesting I just use live-view if pdaf wasn't working.

There have been a few hit with the unlucky rock. It happens. Not the norm, statistically, as I have been told. Always a bummer for the user when it happens though. Good Luck

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