Warning - Nikon REFUSES to replace equipment they cannot fix, even if under warranty.

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Re: Warning - Nikon REFUSES to replace equipment they cannot fix, even if under warranty.
In reply to cerberusjf, Jun 14, 2013

cerberusjf wrote:

ryan2007 wrote:

Easy to resolve. Just return or sell what you have and switch to a different manufacture. Nikon is not the only choice. Its just a camera, they all do the same basic thing. You can donate the camera if your in the USA and get a tax credit, their is always a solution.

You can get a different DSLR, look at mirror-less cameras too that still have the same sensor size in a smaller form.

Not so easy wothout taking a financial hit. How much would the OP get for a camera body that doesn't work properly? And what loss would the OP have to take on lenses? Through no fault of his or her own? That shouldn't be allowed to happen.

I know from experience that even if you can get a refund on the body, you have to keep the lenses unless it was a kit. I really wanted to jump systems after my experience with my first Nikon, but the cheapest option short term was to continue with Nikon and the alternatives just weren't quite there yet. There is a part of me that will derive great pleasure when I dump Nikon, but a part that will be sad because I do like their equipment.

I shot Nikon till about 4 years ago finishing with the D90 and a few lenses. I switched to a manufacture and system I thought I would never in a million years use. Panasonic GF-1 micro four thirds mirror-less system, then I sold that got the GX-1. I just sold my Panasonic GH-3 with some fast glass to Switch to the Fuji XE-1 which is also mirror-less BUT has the SAME crop sensor as the D90, 1.5x not 2x like Micro Four Thirds.

I was never really an Olympus user, just Panasonic because they use the Leica lens formula in some of their lenses and that was a determining factor.

I can say these mirrorless cameras are like a mini DSLR in many ways.

The Fuji XE-1 or Xpro-1 (currently) IMHO gives output like a film camera. Its like a manual film camera that happens to be digital. I am SO impressed with the quality of these optics.

Fuji has no pre-set programs as a crutch like portrait, beach, snow, nighttime all that stuff. You have to have some photo knowledge and not just shutter and aperture. Like any system Fuji has good and bad points. Their lenses are costly at least $500 or $600, BUT they do have a promotion that ends June 29th when bought with a body and lens or lenses some of the lenses are 50% off. That was enough for me to switch from Panasonic GH-3 where I took a HUGE financial hit, but the images and results were enough I did not care.

Nikon is really a great system and about 25 yrs or so ago when it was the Nikon or Canon option I saw Nikon as a superior make vs Canon at that time. You do end up with many lenses and accessories.

For me photography is never about the camera or lens. First its about how do I get the results I want, how did that photographer do that and what is financially permissive then I decide. If I needed a DSLR and found Canon was the answer I'd do that. If Nikon had a quality mirror less system I would switch.

No matter what you loose money even inside the manufacture going from a D5100 to D7100 whatever it is.

I am VERY critical and IMO make calculated decisions. I needed a high end p&s and Nikon A was an option, Fuji X100s, Sony etc... BUT I decided on the Fuji X20 and that is what really introduced me to Fuji just a month or so ago.

I also like and still have my Canon G7 and G12 p&s though it gets zero use. The Nikon coolpix 4500 was my first or maybe it was the Canon S50, no matter.

Last, we can talk about any manufacture and defects. IF you think it important B&H Photo does sell the Square Trade warrantee that is full replacement. I am not a warrantee person but I think it is a good warrantee product and I bought it for my GH-3 and 12-35 2.8 that is a over $2K set up.

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